Our guiding principle: to act with the environment and the economy in mind for the benefit of the owners, employees and customers, with the goal of securing the company’s continued existence for generations to come.

  • Securing the income of 2,500 families in the region
  • Guaranteed purchase of meat and milk
  • Investments
  • Renewable energy

We are aware of our responsibility as a forward-looking company. This is why a conscientious relationship with people, materials and goods is deeply rooted in our company’s structure. This approach is reflected in the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis. One important aspect in the conscientious relationship with our environment is the sensible, efficient management of our energy consumption and the entire waste disposal process, as well as the permanent monitoring of any environmental pollution that may originate from our operations. As a producer of high-quality foods, we believe we have a responsibility to handle the resources of our environment with due consideration.



Our employees are our most important asset. This is why we place great importance on supporting our employees in our joint efforts, providing training, and constantly fostering a good working atmosphere. We are one of the biggest employers in the region, and strive to contribute to our employees’ well-being by offering measures that promote health and events outside of working hours.


The majority of waste is recycled. Non-recyclable residual waste is used as substitute fuel in industry. Altstoff Recycling Austria AG supports us in this process. Through the professional collection and recycling of packaging, the ARA system saves the environment around 500,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, which corresponds to around 7% of the average annual mileage of all registered cars in Austria.


450,000 m³ of wastewater are treated each year in the in-house wastewater treatment plant. In doing so, we place particular importance on complying with all limit values and statutory regulations. Due to the favourable composition, the meaningful recycling of the accumulated sewage sludge is an issue that is particularly close to our heart. Reducing the volume of wastewater is a constant challenge for our employees.


The best way to avoid harmful exhaust air is not to produce any in the first place. Our entire energy demand is covered by the nearby biothermal plant, which has a rated output of 12.4 MW and supplies the Ennstal Alpine Cooperative production facilities with 21,000 MWh per year. Wood from the region; green electricity.


Noise irritates everyone, and everyone produces it. So we try to keep this form of environmental pollution to a minimum. We carry out noise level measurements on our machines and plants in order to monitor and constantly optimise noise in the workspace. By investing in new autoclaves, we were able to reduce water use by 35% and energy consumption by 25%. We actively helped shape the transport concept at the production location in Stainach.


The exhaust air is cleaned by an activated carbon filter so as to keep the emission of odours as low as possible for the environment and residents.


The majority comes from Austria.

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