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Dumplings assortment

We produce a wide variety of dumplings since 1993

In addition to frozen soups, ready meals and breaded delicacies such as Wiener Schnitzel and Cordon Bleu, we also make various dumpling specialties. The assortment ranges from liver dumplings - the Austrian soup par excellence - to dessert variants such as nougat, strawberry or apricot dumplings.

The savory assortment ranges from smoked meat dumplings to gram dumplings and sausage dumplings.The meat fillings are made in our factory in another department.There are also vegetarian alternatives, such as the spinach and sheep cheese dumplings.The dumplings Tris have also been enriching our portfolio since autumn 2020.Packed in a cardboard box, you get 2 beetroot dumplings, spinach dumplings and cheese dumplings.


Side dumplings / vegetarian dumplings

  • dumplingspotato
  • dumplings (sliced and in a plastic casing)
  • spinach cheese dumplings / spinach feta dumplings
  • dumpling Trio / Tris
    • beetroot / cheese / spinach dumplings

Dumplings / meat dumplings

  • sausage dumpling
  • meat dumplings
  • smoked meat dumplings
  • bacon dumplings

Sweet dumplings / dessert dumplings

Fruit dumplings

  • Apricot (with whole fruit / with sugar heart / fruit filling)
  • Plum (with whole fruit or fruit filling)
  • Strawberry / strawberry mascarpone / strawberry mango
  • Raspberry / raspberry mint / raspberry mascarpone
  • Seasonal: pear-nut / sour cherry-chocolate / baked apple / baked apple-cranberry

Dessert dumplings

  • Nougat dumplings
  • Germknödel / Mini-Germknödel
  • Mini chocolate-based dessert dumplings



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380g / 400g / 480g / 530g / up tp 1000g

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Sausage / smoked bacon